Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Plymouth Church School uses a service that many of the independent schools in our area uses. TADS provides a fair estimate of the amount of money a family can dedicate to tuition.   The Parents’ Financial Statement must be completed annually online after an application to the school has been started and submitted to TADS by January 3rd.  A fee of $34.00 must accompany the application. Parents who need assistance filling out the financial statement may call TADS’ helpline at (800) 477-8237 or email


What if I have more than one child applying for aid?

Each family must complete only one application.  The other independent schools in the area are also subscribers to TADS.  Thus one application covers siblings at other schools as well as Plymouth.


What if my family can’t afford the TADS’ application fee?

Some families are eligible for a fee waiver.  Please check with the Plymouth Church School Office if you think you might be eligible.


What happens in cases where parents are separated, divorced or never married?

Plymouth Church School expects both parents to complete and submit Parent’s Financial Statements to TADS.


What if I should suffer an unexpected financial setback?  Will Plymouth Church School adjust our tuition assistance?

Plymouth Church School is committed to its families.  Although financial aid funds are limited, the School will do what it can.


Is it possible to set-up an alternative payment schedule?

Plymouth Church School offers three payment plans. Late fees can be waived with the Director’s permission.


Will my application for financial assistance in any way impact my child’s chance of being admitted to school?

Children are admitted on a need blind basis.    Although it is not possible to meet all requests for financial aid, Plymouth Church School makes an effort to help as many families as possible.


Is financial aid automatically renewed each year?

Families must apply for aid on an annual basis.  However, families can expect support throughout their child’s years at Plymouth unless their financial situation changes.  Financial aid awards generally increase as the child’s tuition increases.


What if I am not satisfied with my child’s financial aid award?

Families should put their concerns in writing.  The Financial Aid Subcommittee will review all appeals.

Circumstances Affecting Parental Contribution

Lifestyle choices – The Financial Aid Subcommittee takes into account lifestyle choices.  The School believes a family should invest in their child’s education before elective home improvements, second home ownership, country club memberships, expensive car leases/purchases, and summer camps.  Family choices about the use of their discretionary income may not be easy.  However, the choice to contribute to educational expenses is one we expect each family to make.

Important Financial Aid Dates and Deadlines

January 3  -  Statements must be submitted to TADS on-line.

February 28  -  New student award letters e-mailed.