Two minutes each morning can deepen our lives. Plymouth has a wonderful Lenten tradition of Forty Days of Prayer. Members of our church family share brief prayers that lead us to reflect and hope.

We carry these prayers through our day like a slowly dissolving lozenge, the longer it lasts the better. These prayers can be the wind of the Spirit, pushing us away from criticism of ourselves as well as others, and towards kindness and mercy. These prayers can be light in our darkness, joy in our sorrow, and calm in our busyness.

Each day we will provide you with a prayer on our Facebook page. A weekly email and our eNews will also include that week's prayers. Consider giving two minutes in the morning and finding your own best way to carry the prayer with you through the day.

As we listen and speak these prayers, we share sacred time with one another, and become God's people.


Wednesday, March 1

Come, Holy Spirit and walk beside me through this season of Lent.  Open my heart, mind, and senses to the lessons it offers.  Help me to be open to its lessons and to be thankful for its opportunities.

Thursday, March 2

Watchful God, as I travel through the days of Lent, help me recall the fragrance of the ashes and oil on my forehead from Ash Wednesday.  It will serve to remind me that I am always in need of your grace and forgiveness.

Friday, March 3

Clear my eyes, O God, that I may see and respond to the needs around me.  It is always easier to look the other way. Teach me to look pain and want in the eye.

Saturday, March 4

Open the ears of my ears, O God, so that I may hear what people are not saying as well as what they are saying.  Help me to be patient and silent in order to hear the stories of others.  May I always have the courage to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Sunday, March 5

You have called me to your table, O God. Nourish me body and soul.  Each time I taste the graininess of the bread and the pungency of the wine I am mindful I what you did to give us these gifts.  And I am grateful.


Monday, March 6

Dear God, thank you for the roof over our heads and the food we are given.  Amen

Tuesday, March 7

Dear God, thank you for all the love that we are given and all the care we have to show.  Amen

Wednesday, March 8

Dear God, thank you for everything we have, everything we are given, and for everything we need to survive.  Amen

Thursday, March 9

Be with me, dear God, during times of self-doubt.  Help me know your presence when I feel most alone.

Friday, March 10

Dear God, on my most self-loathing of days, help me to be kind to those who still show me love and unconditional acceptance, for they are your face in my life.  Help me to be that to others when needed.

Saturday, March 11

Dearest Lord, may I be ever mindful of my responsibilities to others.  Help me be generous during days of poverty, help me be patient during days of stress; and help me lend strength to those who need it from me.  


Monday, March 13

Dear Lord, We pray for the strength, courage, wisdom, and discipline to love my neighbor as we love ourself. We ask that you give us clarity to see things as they are, the wisdom to respond appropriately to this insight and the discipline to do it.

Tuesday, March 14

Please protect us all from all evils seen, unseen, within and without that would seek to harm us or disturb our walk. Surround us with Angels to keep us safe from harm.

Wednesday, March 15

Help us remove unnecessary and frivolous distractions in our lives. Help us stay focused on the things of importance no matter how challenged we become.

Thursday, March 16

Open our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us and the blessings we have. To focus on what we have and not what we do not have. To understand that nothing is permanent and all is a gift (including the moments with each other).

Friday, March 17

Pray that God help heal and restore those who are weak, sick, hurt, or suffering.

Saturday, March 18

Pray that God help us be beacons of his grace, love, and compassion. Help us keep a generous heart in all cases.


Monday, March 20

Creator God, Every person we see today is your creation in your image.  Give us the eyes and heart to see your face and beauty in each one of them. 

Tuesday, March 21

God, fill me with anger at what’s wrong and joy at what’s possible.  Make me want what you want, worry about what you worry about, and push for what you push for.  Amen. 

Wednesday, March 22

Oh God I want to be emptied of all that keeps me from living as fully as you would like.  Help me to embrace the Lenten time of letting go, so that I might fully lavish in the feast and love of Easter.  Amen.

Thursday, March 23

Dear God, help me to think about the needs of those I may not see every day but can and should help.  Encourage me to reach out to my elderly neighbor, sick relative, heartbroken parent.  I know I should put others before me and too often do not.

Friday, March 24

Dear Lord, just as a beautiful melody permeates and controls my being, enter my soul today.  Fill me with the music of your Spirit so that I may pass your melody to everyone I encounter today.

Saturday, March 25

Dear God, as always you shelter me.  You hold me close to your heart as I journey through life and remind me to shelter and love my fellow travelers.  Amen.


Monday, March 27

Lord, I thank you for the spirit of this Lenten season and the reflective time to keep Jesus at the center of my heart and mind. 

Tuesday, March 28

As birds awaken me to Spring and hope, may those who suffer feel your presence. Bring them strength, healing and hope.

Wednesday, March 29

You know, Lord, the things I fear; let me be unafraid and ready to lean on my faith as a resource. 

Thursday, March 30

Lord, for all the misunderstanding in this world, lead me to reconciliation where it is needed in my own small part of the world.

Friday, March 31

Oh Lord, as I seek to understand our own faith, lead me through the truth of Easter to the joy of Resurrection. 

Saturday, April 1

Spirit, come into my heart, and mind with thankful praise.  Help me repay in service to others my debt for your loving support. 


Monday, April 3

Creator God, as I begin the week and think about the to-dos and tasks ahead, help me to pause and be thankful for all you have created.

Tuesday, April 4

Loving God, thank you for being ever present in my life even when I ignore you.  Help me to accept your love and reflect it to others. 

Wednesday, April 5

God of Investment, help me to embrace the challenges in my life as an opportunity to use the talents you have invested in me to grow my ability to do good and to grow closer to you. 

Thursday, April 6

Generous God, help me to remember how much I am blessed by you and help me to be generous in how I share my resources with others. 

Friday, April 7

God of Justice, help me to remember those who cannot speak for themselves and how I am called to “do justice, love kindness and to walk humbly” with you.

Saturday, April 8

Faithful God, as I look ahead to the loving sacrifice you made for me, help me to remember just how much you love me and how I am called to serve you.


Monday, April 10

Dear Lord, You demand justice for those who have been wronged. Give strength to those who lift up this horrible injustice and to those who investigate and attempt to bring justice. Encourage them when they are weary.

Tuesday, April 11

Dear God, help me today to be of service where I can be.  Help me lend my voice to those who cannot speak.  Help me take action for those who are disempowered.  Help me lend courage where it is truly needed.  As I am a child of you, let me use my abilities in service of your other children. 

Wednesday, April 12

Jesus, you railed against the injustices of your time, calling for your followers to break down barriers that crushed God’s children. Help us to continue your crusade. Give us voices to speak and courage to act when we see injustice. Help us to be sensitive to the vulnerable and marginalized and help them when and where we can.

Thursday, April 13

Dear God, I want to break through the wall of passivity and fear and bring your healing gospel of love to the suffering.  Let us pledge to build a community that does this together with action and planning.

Friday, April 14

Today I pray, Lord, for all those who devote their lives to the service and succor of others.  I pray for all those who are working on the cause of justice, striving to break down the evil paths oppression.   Bless their labors.  May they know the joy of your presence.

Saturday, April 15

Dear Lord, the beautiful world your hands so carefully created is broken.  The media reminds us of the struggles too many of our sisters and brothers face.  When the numbers are overwhelming, remind me that one person, one gesture, one act can make a difference.