Giving up chocolate, Facebook, or The New York Post for Lent are fine ideas.  Most of us could do with less sugar, screens, and sensationalism.  Lent might matter more, however, if we added rather than subtracted.  What if we took a moment each day to pray?  These prayers are the invitation to give ourselves to God.  If we can give up M&Ms, social media, and tabloid journalism, then we can ask God to help us give up the pursuit of lesser things in order to live with God's love.  

Each day we will provide you with a prayer on our Facebook page. A weekly email and our eNews will also include that week's prayers. Consider giving two minutes in the morning and finding your own best way to carry the prayer with you through the day.

As we listen and speak these prayers, we share sacred time with one another, and become God's people.


Wednesday, february 14

Creator-God, who made us in your image, in our encounters with each other remind us that we are encountering you. May we treat each other and each others bodies with the respect we would show to you, because we are a part of you, and loved by you.

Thursday, february 15

God among us, who is found in all of us, remind us that we are equally loved, of equal worth, filled with your possibilities. In you there is neither male not female, powerful or weak, rich or poor. Let us pray that all unity will one day be restored. 

Friday, february 16

Dear God, when things don’t seem right, fill us with the strength to question, and the fortitude to act.

Saturday, february 17

O God, open our minds and our arms. Teach us to embrace all who ask for our help.

Prayers offered by Beth Fleisher & Amy Anderson


monday, february 19

God, help me have patience with others and be open-minded and not so judgmental. Help me relax and find peace in this really stressful time, and in all stressful times. I need to release all these strong emotions and anger. Thank you, God. Amen.

tuesday, february 20

God, it’s hard to be a Christian when leading my day to day life doesn’t correlate with what you ask of us. How can I turn the other cheek when a friend hurts or angers me? Send me strength to keep my faith. Amen.

wednesday, february 21

God, help me to relax and breathe, to be open-minded, and to be truly grateful for all the amazing opportunities I’ve received in my life. Amen.

thursday, february 22

God, help me forget my jealousy and remember my humility. Help me remember you when I need you, and remember you when I think I don’t need you. God, help me be patient, forget myself, and remember others. Amen.

friday, february 23

God, I pray for more persistence in believing in you and that my faith can be strengthened throughout the years of my existence. Amen.

saturday, february 24

Dear Lord, Often I let my anger and contempt overwhelm me when spending time with others. I fail to show them the love and patience you have shown us. Please, God, help me to remember to overcome my prejudices and be kind and understanding, even when it seems hardest to do so. Amen.

Prayers offered by Plymouth youth