Our Mission

to KNOW GOD by placing Jesus Christ at the center of our lives through worshipping God, studying God’s Word, and responding to God’s call;
to GROW TOGETHER in community by learning together, serving together, and caring for each other;
to LIVE OUT OUR FAITH boldly and generously by pursuing God’s shalom in the world.

Who We Are

Plymouth Church enjoys a rich heritage in the Congregational tradition. That tradition has its roots in the 16th century English Reformation. The earliest settlers of New England, the Pilgrims and Puritans, brought Congregationalism to America. This "Congregational Way" of being the church flourished in America. Featuring simple worship and biblical teaching, Congregational churches have enjoyed a rich history that continues to thrive at Plymouth Church.

Our Congregational Way celebrates the unique presence of Jesus Christ in the life and worship of each congregation. Christ's presence empowers each church to govern its own affairs. At the same time each person in the church is empowered to participate in the decision-making of the congregation.

Our "Way" of being the church is centered in being a covenant community. That means each member is bound to God and to every other member of the community by a solemn vow. The substance of the vow is that we will love, care for and support each other come what may. The source of our covenant is God who, by covenantal oath, is eternally and irrevocably bound to us. Plymouth adapted the Salem (Massachusetts) Covenant of 1629 as our own Plymouth Covenant.

The church has used The Kansas City Statement of Faith as its own since its adoption by the Congregational Christian Churches in 1913. Our Mission Statement was adopted by the Plymouth Council in 2011. 

We welcome all persons, without restrictions, to participate in worship and fellowship at Plymouth.  This Statement of Welcome and Inclusion was adopted by the Congregation of Plymouth Church in 2015.

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