The Christian Help Committee longs for the day when justice rolls down like waters (Amos 5:24) As we seek to hasten the arrival of that day, the Committee searches for ways for Plymouth members to shared our bounty with a broken world—giving both our money and our time, and transforming the lives of others and our own. We prayerfully determine financial allocation funds set aside for this purpose, to organizations serving the most needy and isolated individuals in our local and international community.

This past year the following were selected as partners.  Grants were made to them with the intent of furthering their good works.



Habitat for Humanity New York City transforms lives by building quality homes with families in need and by uniting all New Yorkers around the cause of affordable housing.


The school's mission is to reach out to the Baka (Pygmy) Tribe in Cameroon, Africa through holistic ministry: providing the Baka children with an all-inclusive, quality education free of charge; teaching the tribe community farming and life skills; caring for the sick in their hospital; and reaching out to them with the gospel of Christ. 

Located in the Eastern Region of Cameroon the Mission School of Hope was created to provide education to the less privileged Baka children. They began with 15 students and today serve 400 students to whom they provide education, healthcare, clothing and food.


Hope empowers New Yorkers to overcome poverty through skills training, jobs and career advancement. This comprehensive approach combines training, adult basic education, industry certifications, work wellness services, internships and job placement with long-term support.



Restore NYC exists to end sex trafficking in NYC and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors of trafficking in NYC.

As one of the primary non-profits providing counseling and advocacy through the New York City Human Trafficking Intervention Courts, Restore's services include educating clients about their legal rights, trafficking, and community resources. They also work with local and federal law enforcement to provide crisis response services and provides case management to select survivors in their Safehome and Economic Empowerment programs.