(september 23 - december 13)

Let’s Talk About Science!

Mondays | 2:45 - 5:00 pm

Children are natural scientists. In this hands-on science enrichment class, we will introduce the scientific method of inquiry:  1) making a hypothesis; 2) watching what happens; and 3) talking about the results.  We will perform experiments and explore chemistry through art and cooking projects.

  • Teacher: Natalia Renteria Mosquera

  • Class Dates: September 23, 2019 - December 09, 2019 (no class September 30, 2019, October 14, 2019 and November 11, 2019)

  • Location: Red Room

  • Cost: $490

Mindfulness & Meditation

mondays | 2:45 - 5:00 pm

In Mindfulness & Meditation, we will practice the art of being present. We will begin each class with a short meditation, learning different breathing techniques. We will also use mindful activities to promote compassion, empathy, gratitude, and focus. Studies show that practicing mindfulness can minimize anxiety and increase happiness. In this class, students will learn strategies and tools to carry with them throughout their lives.

  • Teacher: Annie Butler

  • Class Dates: September 23, 2019 - December 09, 2019 (no class on September 30, 2019, October 14, 2019 and November 11, 2019)

  • Location: Blue Room

  • Cost: $490

Roots & Shoots

tuesdays | 2:45 - 5:00 pm

Roots & Shoots is a youth service program created by Dr. Jane Goodall in 1991. Their mission is to foster respect and compassion for all living things, promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs, and inspire each individual to take action to make the world a better place for people, animals, and the environment. This program will include nature walks, mapping our community, animal studies, and more!

  • Instructor: Annie Butler

  • Class Dates: September 24, 2019 - December 10, 2019 (no class on October 22, 2019 and November 5, 2019)

  • Location: Blue Room

  • Cost: $490


Wednesdays | 2:45 - 5:00 pm

In cooking, children will the explore tastes, smells, and textures of new foods (as well as old favorites) while learning how to properly and safely handle kitchen tools. We will explore the scientific reactions in everyday recipes (how an acid can separate milk into curds and whey, or how yeast metabolizes sugars to create gas bubbles), the etymological origins of our foods (biscotti means “cooked twice”), as well as their cultural origins (noodles first came from China, hummus from the Middle East). Recipes will be inspired by popular children’s books, as well as the children’s interests and suggestions, and recipes will be sent home to share with families.

  • Teacher: Laura Brown

  • Class Dates: September 25, 2019 - December 11, 2019 (no class on October 9, 2019)

  • Location: Orange Room

  • Cost: $490

  • One-time Supply Cost: $30

Cave Painting to Current Making: Hands-on Art History

thursdays | 2:45 - 5:00 pm

Each week we will be looking at a different artist and examining their art and art making process. Techniques will range from traditional painting and sculpture, to more experimental and contemporary methods of creating such as street art and light installation. Artists will include old masters such as Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Pieter Bruegel, all the way to contemporary artists like Dan Flavin and Yayoi Kusama. Each week will be a new and exciting look at art throughout history.

  • Teacher: Alison Simmons

  • Class Dates: September 26, 2019 - December 12, 2019 (no class on November 14, 2019)

  • Location: Art Room

  • Cost: $490

Block Building

fridays | 12:30 - 2:45 pm

Children naturally love to build and create structures. Wooden blocks and other construction materials change the way children think, stimulate creativity, and sharpen crucial problem solving skills. Each week we will discuss different structures from around the world, and work to recreate these structures using  unit blocks, and other building materials.   

  • Teacher: Andrea Javier

  • Class Dates: September 27, 2019 - December 13, 2019

  • Location: Purple Room

  • Cost: $490