Cooking by the Book

Gordon Ramsey himself could not be prouder of the Mini-Chefs that finished the inaugural class of Cooking By The Book. We went beyond just jello or cookies and made some perfect pancakes and delicious dill pickles. Also, we have learned some culinary jargon like pickling and lattice crust. The biggest thing we have realized is how scrumptious reading can be and hopefully we will always be hungry when it comes to reading.


Roots & Shoots

Roots and Shoots is all about helping the people, animals, and environment in your local community. For our first Roots and Shoots trimester, we decided to focus on the animals in our community - specifically our playground squirrels! After observation and a little research, we made a plan to help feed our squirrels by building squirrel feeders! 


de Puerta a Puerta - Spanish Language and Culture

En clase de espanol, we have been able to discover the wonders we see within, outside our door. Students have become little investigators and have discover different ways in which food can be cooked, different names for objects and most importantly they have developed a love for a different language. 


Paint & Palette

This trimester in art we explored a variety of materials, methods, and construction techniques, and looked at several different artists to help direct our own drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. We studied Michelangelo for a class on allegory and ceiling painting, Claes Oldenburg led a project about transforming small, ordinary objects into large-scale sculpture, Franz Kline was used for a focus on black and white tonal painting.  Our small group of artists created an exciting and wide-ranging portfolio that reflects their creative minds and imaginative hearts. 


Hands-on Science

The children have been loving science! We've talked about the scientific method of making a prediction (hypothesis) and seeing what happens when materials are combined with one another or compared to one another.  
We've discussed solids and liquids and the concepts of density and viscosity in the context of various experiments.
Experiments have included: 

  • What will happen when oil and water are mixed?
  • Which items will sink and which will float?
  • What happens when glue and starch are combined (slime)?
  • Which liquids go down the slide the fastest (condiment races)?