Plymouth Church School is a special place where children are encouraged to explore and ask questions about the world around them. Our young learners, ages 2 to 6, benefit from a flexible approach to education that allows each child to be appropriately challenged in a nurturing environment. Here at Plymouth, children’s voices are heard and their ideas are respected. Children are given the time and space to use their imaginations and tell stories of their own while listening to and sharing the stories of others.

Our carefully designed spaces—including nine classrooms, an art atelier, library, and music room, plus our expansive gymnasium and outdoor playground—inspire discovery and learning. Access to rich materials helps build an understanding of the natural and man-made environment. Children of all religious traditions, ethnic origins, and economic backgrounds are welcomed at Plymouth Church School.
In recognition of the quality of our program, Plymouth Church School is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The Plymouth Church School philosophy embraces developmental principles that encourage each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, moral, and physical development. We believe that children learn through a multi-sensory approach that encourages asking questions, finding answers, and sharing discoveries.

We recognize that school must have a close connection with family life as our young students embark on their education outside the home. Time is spent building a close relationship with families so that each child’s unique story can be incorporated into the life of the classroom. 

Activities that encourage independence and self-care are woven throughout the curriculum. We believe that children’s individual interests should be respected as they learn to ask questions, find answers, and share their discoveries with others through a multi-sensory approach.


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