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Lenten Service Project 2018


This Lenten season we continue our work for those who are enslaved and oppressed. Building on Plymouth's past to help those who are in need today, we bring God's shalom to those in our community. Our Lenten Service Project is not about giving things up, but taking things on that matter in the lives of people.


We are answering a specific ask from Sanctuary For Families' Anti-Trafficking Initiative. Help create parenting supply-filled tote bags for mothers receiving services at Sanctuary for Families' offices:

“One thing that I’ve observed through the lens of being a mother is how upsetting it is for a woman who is trying to receive services (at one of the most difficult points in her life) while trying to parent at the same time. 
These kits would provide material needs of these women and children as well as some items to keep the child occupied during what may be long and sometimes unexpected visits to an office setting. It is also important to mention the impact of receiving something that is helpful and thoughtful goes a long way - far beyond the actual receipt of the items.”
- Emily Lo Bue, Director of Corporate and Volunteer Relations, Sanctuary for Families


Toddler Totes

your Shopping list:

Choose an age: 18 months to 2.5 years or 2.5 years to 3.5

Please purchase gender neutral items and put in a clear plastic bag labelled by age

  • Pack of diaper wipes (travel size)
  • Small toy (age appropriate) : plushie, vehicle, animal, etc.
  • Coloring book for older children, or small activity toy/book for younger children
  • Snack & drink (toddler friendly, non-perishable) ie: Puffs, toddler food pouches, juice pouches, bottled water (small)
  • Hand sanitizer (travel size)
  • Toothbrush/paste (child friendly)

A flannel blanket and diapers (provided by Plymouth's Christian Help Ministry) will be added to each Toddler Tote.

Included in these kits will be Notes of Encouragement, written by the Plymouth Community at the Fellowship Hours through Lent. We have been told again and again how much these signed, hand-written notes mean to women who are making a truly courageous transition from victim to survivor, navigating the legal system with the help of Sanctuary For Families' lawyers and counselors, often alone and without family support. 

Our Goal is to create 100 toddler totes.

You are invited to join us in assembling the Toddler Totes during Fellowship Hour after worship service on April 8, the Sunday after Easter.


Sanctuary for Families is New York’s leading service provider and advocate for survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking and related forms of gender violence. The Anti-Trafficking Initiative (ATI) serves nearly 500 domestic and international trafficking survivors annually through the provision of legal and clinical services, shelter, economic empowerment support, and case management. In addition to transforming lives through direct services, the Anti-Trafficking Initiative seeks to confront the traffickers and buyers who fuel the commercial sex trafficking industry, and build a broad-based community of engaged and empowered advocates striving to prevent and end trafficking.