Instructions for Donating Stock

Thank you for considering a donation of securities to Plymouth Church. There are two ways of making stock and security gifts to Plymouth Church.

Electronic Transfer of Securities Held in Street Name

This is the simplest and preferred method for security transfers. Instruct your broker to transfer electronically the number of shares you wish to contribute to:

Bank:  Bessemer Tr NYC

Address:  630 Fifth Ave., NY, NY10111

ABA#: 0260-0875-6    

For the Credit of: 8M8932 - Plymouth Church IM

When these instructions are given to your broker, please be sure to contact Executive Administrator John Scibilia to inform him of the impending securities transfer so that we can properly identify the source of the donation when it enters our account.

If you need additional information...

Please direct all inquiries to:

John Scibilia, Executive Administrator
Plymouth Church
75 Hicks Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-624-4743
Fax: 718-624-0331

Please Note: Valuation of securities is determined by the date of mailing (in the case of sending the physical securities) or the average price on the day of receipt at J.P. Morgan Clearing Corp. (in the case of electronic securities transfer). The Church will provide a receipt of this value for tax purposes.