The distinctive ministry, history,  and architecture of Plymouth Church make the church a desirable tour site.  Guided tours are on Sunday morning after the worship service and by appointment, mostly for school students, non-profit and research institutions.

Visitors can explore such topics as: 

  • The antislavery movement and the Underground Railroad: history comes alive for children as they sit in the pew where Abraham Lincoln once sat, see the ring that was given to the slave child Pinky when her freedom was purchased by the congregation, and perhaps, visit the basement to imagine how fugitive slaves made their escape to freedom.

  • 19th century cultural and religious history, including the spread of Congregationalism across America.

  • Church architecture and the urban design of Brooklyn Heights.

  • The stained glass art of Plymouth Church.

Tour Guidelines

  • Group/student tours are conducted Monday and Tuesday mornings (afternoons for special circumstances). Tours are appropriate for children in 4th grade or higher.

  • For school children there should be one (1) adult per 12 children as a general guideline. The school must provide an ample number of chaperones.

  • There is a suggested donation of $1.00 per school student and $5 per accompanying adult.

  • There is limited street parking around the Church.

  • Entrance for Monday/Tuesday tours is 75 Hicks Street.

Plymouth also provides public tours for visitors who are pursuing their own research. 

  • General public tours are held most Sundays at 12:30 p.m. after the worship service in the Sanctuary. (Note - these are summer hours)

  • Entry is from Orange Street directly into the Sanctuary.

  • There is a suggested donation of $5 per adult.

  • If there are commercial/institutional groups that wish group tours, they will be scheduled on Sundays at 12:30 p.m. The tour leader must contact Plymouth using the form below well in advance (a month is recommended) to ensure we can accommodate the group on that particular Sunday.


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