AHT In Our Backyard Screening Jan 2018 - PRESENTATION (5).png

A special event to educate our community and effect real change for trafficking survivors in New York City

“As a human being I did not exist.” – Iryna, survivor advocate

STOP Human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children in our community

LOOK At the award-winning documentary In Our Backyard, an investigation of the widely unknown and unspoken world of sex trafficking in Brooklyn, documenting the emotional stories of three recent survivors. As director Danielle Rose says, “The film can be used as a weapon for change and a tool to help prevent sex trafficking. Sex trafficking does happen in Brooklyn and the world needs to know.”

LISTEN To real-world answers from dedicated professionals. Round-table discussion with Danielle Rose (film director), Iryna (survivor advocate), Jimmy Lee (executive director, Restore NYC), Carol Smolenski (executive director, ECPAT-USA)

LEARN What you can do to help. Active solutions are within your grasp. Christopher Sharpe, from NYPD’s Human Trafficking Team, will give you the information you need to STOP TRAFFICKING and HELP

“Sex trafficking does happen in Brooklyn and the world needs to know.” – Danielle Rose, Film director

“As a survivor and advocate, I thank you! This is a film everyone needs to see.” – Marti MacGibbon, Survivor, Speaker, Advocate

Our Goal:  $5,000, shared equally by Restore’s economic empowerment initiative for trafficking survivors,  and ECPAT’s Youth Against Child Trafficking program, which reaches over 2,000 NYC high school students each year. Plymouth has pledged matching funds. Will you contribute today?

You can also donate via text message: Text PLYMOUTH IN OUR BACKYARD to 73256 to give to In Our Backyard: for Restore & ECPAT using your text messaging. Standard text message rates do apply.